Speaking Engagements

In the past couple of years I’ve spoken at over 50 events. My favorite topic is the future of the architectural profession, particularly in relation to technological disruption (something I often write and speak about).

In an effort to push conference organizers to create more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming events, I have decided to be more discerning about the events I lend my name to. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please read through the conditions below and get in touch.

Inclusion rider

  • If I’m speaking at an event, at least a third of the other presenters will be either women or from a minority group.
  • If I’m speaking on a panel, the panel will include at least one woman or non-binary person.
  • If the lineup is still getting finalized, I reserve the right to withdraw from the event if these conditions aren’t met in the eventual schedule.


  • These are absolute minimums, I hope that we can strive for even more representation and diversity.
  • At past events I’ve been lucky enough to see tons of great speakers. I’m more than happy to recommend people with different backgrounds and perspectives that you might like to invite instead of me or in addition to me, please get in touch


  • If you’d like me to speak at your event, just send me an email: hi@danieldavis.com
  • I live in New York, so if your event is outside this area, I’ll require travel and lodging.
  • I typically charge an honorarium to speak at for-profit events (I waive this for events that are student focused, non-profit, or something I really believe in).

About this rider

I want events in our industry to be diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. As I’ve discussed in Architect Magazine, this isn’t always the case, particularly when architecture and technology mix.

I was inspired to create this rider after seeing similar efforts from Tatiana Mac, Remy Sharp, and The Male Champions of Change. To be honest with you, creating a rider feels a bit pretentious and heavy-handed. But given that my typically informal approach to organizing speaking engagements hasn’t produced the results I want, and given what is at stake, perhaps it is worth trying. I’ve published this rider as a way of keeping myself honest and inspiring others to do the same. Ultimately I hope this helps push us towards a more inclusive industry.

If you want to create your own rider, please feel free to reuse, reword, and recreate this rider – no attribution necessary.