Architects vs Autodesk

29 August 2020 – A new article for Architect Magazine that explore the increasingly fraught relationship between architects and Autodesk.

Generative Design is Doomed to Fail

20 February 2020 – The 6 reasons why generative design hasn't taken off despite the hype.

What ‘The Future of The Professions’ Reveals About the Future of Architecture

13 November 2019 – The 'Future of the Professions' argues that technology is incrementally dismantling traditional professions, leaving professionals with an uncertain future. This in-depth review looks at where architecture might be headed.

Can Algorithms Design Buildings?

24 June 2019 – In a recent article for Architect Magazine, I look at the recent flurry of interest in generating building layouts automatically. I investigate why automated design has remained elusive for so many decades and I speculate on where this technology might take the industry.

Here Come Big Tech and the Venture Capitalists

10 May 2019 – In a recent article for Architect Magazine, I investigate why so many entrepreneurs are now taking on the building industry and why investors are pouring money into the sector.

How Coworking Spaces Affect Employees’ Professional Identities

17 April 2019 – The Harvard Business Review recently published our article discussing how coworking spaces shape the professional identities of employees.

Vertically Integrated Research: An unusual business model

1 April 2019 – In this AD article I explain how WeWork's business model helped propel WeWork's research agenda.

Augmented space planning: Using procedural generation to automate desk layouts

13 June 2018 – In a paper for the International Journal of Architectural Computing we discuss a new algorithm for automatically laying out offices.

Why WeWork Thinks It’s Worth $20 Billion

11 September 2017 – A recent article in Wired touches on the work of WeWork's Research team.

Applying Machine Learning to Building Design

5 July 2017 – A talk about using neural networks to predict meeting room occupation, and what this might mean for the architecture industry.