Smart Geometry 2011

Daniel Davis – 11 April 2011

I want to do a post breaking down some of the trends seen at Smart Geometry this year, but seeing as I am just back, the money shots of the Responsive Acoustic Surface:

The responsive acoustic surface

Responsive Accoustic Surfaces, Smart Geometry 2011

Phil Ayres (CITA)
Mark Burry (SIAL)
Jane Burry (SIAL)
Daniel Davis (SIAL)
John Klein (Zaha Hadid)
Alexander Pena (SIAL)
Brady Peters (CITA)
Robin Bentley (Assael Architecture)
Giovanni Betti (Fosters)
Ben Coorey (UTS)
Thomas Hay
Adam Laskowitz (SUNY)
Ralf Lindemann (Ian Simpson Architects)
Eric Turkiemicz
Kathy Yuen (SUNY)