On Designalyze

Daniel Davis – 23 November 2015

Ispent last valentines day in a small Dumbo studio. There were no candles or flowers. Instead, it was just Brian Ringley and Zach Downey interviewing me for what would become the inaugural episode of the Designalyze podcast. You can listen to the full episode here. In it we discuss Gaudí, Dynamo, Scrum, and you also hear me get stumped by one of the most difficult questions in all of architecture.

You should listen to the other interviews as well. Zach and Brian have curated a really interesting group of interviewees. These aren’t the well known stars of the architecture world but rather they are the nerds changing the world. In many ways I see it as the antithesis of contemporary discourse which for too long has been stuck on regurgitated renders and short, uncritical text. Designalyze, by contrast, has a long-form interviews that focus on the people rather than the projects. If you are looking for an episode to get started on, the Andrew Heumann episode might be Designalyze’s pinnacle.

Recently I spun the table on Brian and Zach by interviewing them for Episode 22. We discuss the future of education, the future of media, and I drop some swears. Check it out here.