Modelling Practice

Daniel Davis – 23 December 2015

Earlier this year I spoke at the Design Modelling Symposium about the ways in which data is changing the practice of architecture. At the time of the symposium I had recently started working at WeWork, so the presentation is a conglomeration of stuff we’d worked on previously at CASE and stuff I was just getting my head around at WeWork. In many ways it was appropriate I was going through the transition to WeWork while I was giving this presentation since my main argument was that data-driven design necessitates new ways of practicing – which WeWork definitely represents.

The symposium itself was a ton of fun. Although the symposium is academically focused, the organizers managed to attract a ton of practicing architects to the event, which gave it a really nice balance. The videos from the event are currently being uploaded to CITA’s Vimeo page. Checkout Anders Deleuran’s wobbly tower and Jen Carlile’s presentation of Flux.

Huge thanks to the organizers of the Design Modelling Symposium this year, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Martin Tamke, Christoph Gengnagel, Billie Faircloth, Fabian Scheurer, and the host organization, CITA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.