Graphemes by Sawapan

Daniel Davis – 8 December 2009


raphemes is a spring based design tool developed by Sawapan. The interface – like the program – is unconventional, playful and esoteric. Steve Jobs would have a fit seeing something so non-standard running on an Apple computer, thankfully it only runs on Windows. Despite its unconventional nature, it is quite easy to grasp with a wee bit of playing, and judging by the videos you too can become a Graphemes ninja.

Essentially Graphemes allows the manipulation of a spring based topology that seeks equilibrium in real time. Analysis graphs can also be overlaid – showing bending moments and stress in the structure. Designing a spring based structure is probably of little utility (unless you are designing a space station) but what Graphemes hints at is a future where the design/analysis cycle has been compressed into a just a design cycle. This allows the parametric model to have a dynamic topology and embedded logic. An unconventional design paradigm wrapped in an equally unconventional interface.

Graphemes is free to download from the Sawapan website (click on Graphemes to the left).