Copenhagen 2.0

Daniel Davis – 14 March 2011

There has not been a blog post in a while. Reason: Copenhagen. This month there are two projects on in Copenhagen that have been taking every waking moment. It only seems fair to share them.



have been working on Dermoid for almost a year along with almost a dozen other people, lead by Mark Burry, Mette Thomsen and Martin Tamke. This early post on dynamic relaxation details how we achieved the point distribution – although we later replicated the function in the Maya Nucleus engine. And then in a pretty down moment (after preparing the project for an upcoming publication) I wrote a post on how I suck at parametric design. Well luckily those issues were sorted out, along with the issues of how to control the bend of timber and ensure the reciprocal frame stays standing. Dermoid is on display at CITA until the 10th of April as part of the 1:1 exhibition (installation shown above).

Smart Geometry

We have been documenting our progress on this blog, in preparation for the workshop on the responsive acoustic surfacing at Smart Geometry. Needless to say it has involved many late nights pouring plaster to perfect the generating hyperboloids:

IMG_0385 copy

It is one thing to make these on the computer, but in real life it takes a day to make the mold and an hour to make a copy and iterating is slow progress – but we are getting there. Hopefully we can organise them into a wall/dome that looks a bit like this:


The upside to not posting is that I have a huge list of topics squirreled away, ready for April when I will have finally said goodbye to Copenhagen.