Twitter and Copenhagen

Daniel Davis – 30 May 2010


have joined Twitter @nzarchitecture as a way to share the links that do not quite warrant a 1000 word a blog post here. Initially I was resistant to the idea that 140 characters could add anything other than noise to the discourse, however, from inbound links to this blog, I have come to see the aggregate effect of the conversation on Twitter. My first tweet is this video, by Martin Tamke and Jacob Riiber, of self organising structures generated in Processing at CITA:

This segways into my other announcement today: the blog may be a little quiet of the next 6 weeks, not because I am lost in the world of Twitter, but because I am travelling 16,000 Km to CITA, to attend/teach a workshop with Martin and Jacob as well as Mette Thomsen and Mark Burry. So if you are in either Twitter or Copenhagen say hi, and if you have any suggestions of people to follow on Twitter or places to see in Copenhagen/Germany/France or Spain, let me know.