The Underrated Success of Stevens

Daniel Davis – 22 November 2015

Prior to moving to New York I’d never heard of Stevens. Now that I am here I continually run into graduates from Stevens. They are everywhere in the world of computational design. In this city surrounded by famous architecture schools – Columbia, Princeton, Cooper Union, and Pratt – it is a relatively unknown school in New Jersey that is suppling a lot of the talent.

For my latest article in Architect Magazine I decided to investigate what was going on at Stevens. What was being taught there and why was it successful when so many other universities struggle to teach computational design?

As it turns out, my timing was pretty fortuitous – days after I began my interviews Stevens won the Solar Decathlon. You can read the full story here.

Thanks to Wanda Lau for being an amazing editor, and thanks to all the people I interviewed for giving me the full story about what goes on at Stevens.