Architects are More Productive Than Statistics Indicate

Daniel Davis – 19 May 2014

At almost every AEC technology conference there is some chicken little who has a slide of Paul Teicholz’s productivity chart. They’ll hysterically tell the audience that the industry’s productivity is falling and that we need to do this or that to save the world. Only recently have I come to realise that the sky isn’t falling due to technology and neither is our productivity. If it were, AEC firms would simply ditch technology to become more productive. In my latest article for ARCHITECT magazine I took a closer look at Paul Teicholz’s productivity chart and came to this conclusion:

For architects, technology isn’t about productivity. Keeping up with technology is a way for firms stay competitive in the marketplace. There’s nothing scandalous about firms delivering more value to their clients. In fact, it should be celebrated that technology is about designing a better built environment for our clients rather than generating more profit for our firms’ owners.

You can read the full article on ARCHITECT’s website. Once again, this article was expertly edited by Wanda Lau, and benefited greatly from a long email chain between Mario Guttman and Tyler Goss who made sure I didn’t say something foolish.