SmartGeometry in Sweden and in Space

Daniel Davis – 17 April 2016

Last week I was invited to attend SmartGeometry 2016 at Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Compared to previous events the projects were significantly more ambitious with projects featuring custom circuit boards, large scale fabrication, and lots of discussion of building architecture in space. As I wrote for Architect magazine:

The first thing that caught my eye at this year’s Smartgeometry was the sandpit. Occupying the center of a giant warehouse at the Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the event took place last week, the 12-foot-by-15-foot container was brimming with six tons of sand and a fleet of autonomous robots, each of which resembled a small, plastic front loader complete with little caterpillar tracks and a bucket. NASA is currently evaluating whether similar robots could dig habitable architecture from the soil of Mars, said Richard Maddock, an associate and member of the Specialist Modeling Group (SMG) at Foster + Partners, in London.

You can get the full story about the robots and the rest of the conference in my article for the Architect magazine website. Thanks again to Wanda Lau for editing this piece!