How Coworking Spaces Affect Employees’ Professional Identities

Daniel Davis – 17 April 2019

In an article for the Harvard Business Review, Peter Bacevice, Gretchen Spreitzer, Hilary Hendricks, and myself discuss how coworking spaces shape the professional identities of employees. This article was based on a longitudinal study we conducted that followed a cohort of people as they joined WeWork.

The results of this study reinforce a key theme from our years of research: the choice to work in a coworking space is based on both practical, financially-driven variables as well as experiential, and culturally-driven variables. At a basic level, coworking is a service that simplifies the transaction of accessing and occupying a workspace. However, it is also a social product that nurtures a sense of belongingness to its members.

Our latest findings suggest that when organizations take the time to choose a coworking space that aligns with the image they want to project — about their employees and about their business — workers will experience higher levels of thriving, and the organizations will benefit as well, causing employees to identify even more strongly with their purpose and values.

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