Here Come Big Tech and the Venture Capitalists

Daniel Davis – 10 May 2019

In a recent article for Architect Magazine, I investigate why so many entrepreneurs are now taking on the building industry and why investors are pouring money into the sector. Considering what this might mean for architects, I conclude:

Overall, it’s a good time to be an architect—but a precarious time to own an architecture firm. Architects have more opportunities than ever to branch out, start companies with new business models, and join organizations outside the industry with better working conditions. Architecture firms, however, have a lot hanging in the balance. Small boutique firms are likely immune from most of these changes, the same way bespoke tailors survive in a world of mass-produced fashion. Larger firms are more likely to face headwinds, particularly in sectors where they face well-funded competitors that are willing to lose money to gain market share.

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