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Daniel Davis – 2 April 2014

This blog has been neglected as of late. I haven’t stopped writing, I’ve just been putting my words in other places. One of these places is a monthly technology column for ARCHITECT magazine. My first article was published today. It reads a bit like a blog post from here, only it has been properly edited by ARCHITECT’s awesome editor Wanda Lau. I can’t republish the whole thing so I’m going to channel my inner Huffington post blogger by quoting two paragraphs and inviting you to read more at the source:

The implication for architects is that the design process becomes more data-intensive. Decisions about human behavior that an architect once based on intuition can instead be quantitatively tested, proven, or invalidated. Disney can make changes to their parks and observe exactly how the change affects visitor flow and spending.
Retail outlets have been gathering similar data by triangulating customer locations from the Wi-Fi signals broadcasted from their mobile phones. Like Disney, they are using the data to test new store layouts and observe how it impacts customer spending. In a sense, it is not the customer that is being tracked as much as it is the performance of the architect.
Daniel Davis, March 2014, ARCHITECT: