Big Data

Daniel Davis – 7 December 2013

Big data’ is an article I wrote a couple of months ago with the help of Dave Fano. Last week Randy Deutsch asked me who wrote the article (on the AEC magazine website it’s attributed to CASE). Honestly, I’d totally forgotten. Even after rereading the article I was unsure. But I went back through my files and it turns out I wrote it! It’s not too bad either – if somewhat unmemorable. The main part of the article starts out:

Architecture is fundamentally about data. At the foundation of every BIM model lies data. Architects and engineers work to orchestrate data — creating it, modifying it, using it in simulations. Contractors take data and turn it into physical spaces, while building operators are increasingly managing buildings using data from architects and from building sensors. Data underlies much of the modern AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated) industry and we are only destined to produce more of it.

The article continues with a brief discussion of data dashboards developed by CASE and data analysis performed by CASE. The conclusion is this:

Unlike the CO2 that has spewed from the industrial revolution, the data flowing from the digital revolution is a renewable resource — one whose abundance is increasing exponentially. While few AECO firms have begun utilising big data, those who mange to harness it are set to uncover a rich source of knowledge buried within the byproduct of their digital conversion.

You can read the full article (published 7th December, 2013) at AEC Magazine.