Why WeWork Thinks It’s Worth $20 Billion

Daniel Davis – 11 September 2017

Recently Jessi Hempel wrote a long piece for Wired where she explained the innovations fueling WeWork’s growth. In her article she touches on the work of WeWork’s Research team, such as our recent study on mothers’ rooms:

Just as important, to a company which is obsessed with culture, is more qualitative design research. One recent project involved talking to mothers who were returning to work to get perspectives on what they needed to best support them in the transition. The lead researcher on that project is Rachel Montana, a social psychologist by training. Her group’s findings will address “everything from how many rooms we put in spaces to what goes in those new mothers’ rooms to how they’re handled from a security and access standpoint.” Emig says the company will collect feedback that it can then use to improve the experience. It’s agile software development, but for real estate. Says Emig, “This is rare. It doesn’t really exist in architecture as much as it should.”

The full article can be found on the Wired website accompanied by some gritty photos by Alex Walsh of Josh Emig, Carlo Bailey, Rachel Montana, and myself (shown above).




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