My latest article for ARCHITECT magazine looks at what Autodesk presented (and didn’t present) at Autodesk University this year.

My latest article for ARCHITECT magazine reveals that while more and more women are becoming architects, very few are becoming design technologists.

Delving into the core of NURBs, I explain how manipulate the input values to NURBs so you can draw mathematical shapes like hyperboloids.

Earlier in 2014, Carlo Bailey and Lorenzo Villaggi interviewed me about parametricism for the ‘Belief’ issue of Colon. Here is what I had to say.

An article for ARCHITECT magazine looking at three of the clusters in this year’s SmartGeometry.

My keynote speech at Paradigm Shift, on data what it means for the architecture industry in New Zealand.

My analysis of the Venice Biennale for ARCHITECT magazine.

My article for ARCHITECT magazine on why architects are more productive than statistics indicate

I’m coming to New Zealand to give five keynote speeches on the future of architectural technology (Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown from the 9th to 13th of June).

A summarized version of my thesis that appeared in ENR.

An article I wrote for AEC Magazine about the potential for big data in the AECO industries.

My first piece for ARCHITECT magazine examining the ways indoor positioning technology will impact the architectural profession.