A brief look at the birth of CAD. Ivan Sutherland’s 1962 Sketchpad was the first interactive CAD system, which laid the groundwork for much of what we do today, fifty years later.

How a-periodic tiles (identical tiles that join to make a pattern that never repeats) can be used in architecture.

Graphemes is this weird tool that allows the manipulation of a spring based topology while it seeks equilibrium in real time.

A look at one of my favourite projects, Caliper Studio’s Genetic Staircase. In this project they use a genetic algorithm to optimise the a truss that forms the stringers of the stairs.


Code to recreate Pablo Carranza’s ArchiKludge. A project that uses genetic algorithms to layout rooms.

A suggestion for how to start programming using Processing.

A brief review of three important computational books: An Evolutionary Architecture; Algorithmic Architecture; and Tooling.